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About Sincere Jingjiang Sincere Imports & Exports Co., Ltd.

Jingjiang Sincere Imports & Exports Co., Ltd. specializes in producing and selling test equipment of current / voltage transformers, medium / low voltage current and voltage transformers, raw materials and accessories used in the production of transformers, etc.. Our company has strong technical force and rich experience in production. Our products have been sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Asia, the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Jingjiang Sincere Imports & Exports Co., Ltd

About our test equipment: we provide products series of transformer calibrators, standard current transformers, standard voltage transformers, the current load boxes, voltage load boxes, transformer calibration device console, etc.. The accuracy of our products can be 0.002 and below and the ability of voltage is 500kV and below.  According to the user's testing requirements, we can provide the most suitable design of IEC standard, IEEE/ANSI standard or other special standards for the test program.

About our current / voltage transformer: we provide 35KV and below low voltage and medium voltage current / voltage transformers with insulation modes of epoxy resin casting, oil immersed, air insulation and others.

About our current / voltage transformer accessories: we can provide raw materials of transformer production for users such as iron core (silicon steel and super microcrystalline materials), enameled wire, porcelain bushing, semiconductor insulation paper, epoxy resin and other materials.

Other services: our company can provide processing semi-finished transformers for users (such as the iron core and the line package). We can also provide OEM production of medium-voltage and low-voltage transformers for users.

We expect to achieve long-term cooperation with you with our professional service and excellent quality.